One of those days (delayed update)

I'm still alive lol!
Today was a rough start. Last night Tyson got up screaming and then didn't want to go back to sleep. I was less than trilled to start my day when I opened his bedroom door.

He was covered in pink slime. He found a can of Catlin's play slime and "washed" his hair with it. Awesome.
It was all over the floor and it was a PITA to get up. Ty is always starving when he wakes up so by this point he was screeching at the fridge and jumping like a monkey.

As I tried to find him something quick to eat Jared started yelling from the bedroom for Kesha, telling her that he was hungry.

Tyson got half of my morning soda and a peice of cheese to pasify him until I could get Jared out of bed.

Today we got food stamps so our kitchen doesn't have much of a selection.

I got them fed, they ate PB&J for breakfast. I hate feeding them crap but we didn't have much to choose from and it's not like they would have given me time to make something nice anyway.

After Tyson ate we jumped in the tub so I could try to get the slime out of his hair. Jared was still eating and started banging his cup on the table while I was washing the slime out of Ty's  hair. I tried yelling to him and explaning why I couldn't come in there, eventually I gave up and listened to him bang and yell.

His cup was empty and he wanted more water.

After the bath I called a family member to see if Jared could hang out for a while so I could run some errands. Everyone had plans for the day so the whole maybe tomorrow junk.

I was a little miffed so I decided to continue my plans, with Jared and Ty in tow.

I went through the process of getting everyone cleaned and dressed. I had to pack the universal diaper bag and gather all the paper work, checks, and whatever else I needed to take with me.
I had to make several phone calls so I talked on the phone for a while after I got everyone loaded up. I swear it's so hard to talk on the phone and take care of business when Ty and Jared are getting into things and yelling. With them strapped in the car they were safe and quiet.

When we pulled out of the drive Jared claimed hungry again so I got him and Ty a fish plate to share while we were in the car. At this point I still hadn't eaten anything so I settled for a few fries.

We went to the DHS office to turn in the application for AAPD. When I got there I realized that I left the completed app. at home. I didn't feel like fighting lunch traffic so I just picked up another one and filled it out in the car while feeding the boys.

I went to the Social Security office again to ask about Medicare. They keep telling me I can't apply until Jared has been on disability for 2 years. My mother in law refuses to believe it so I went back just to have them tell me the same thing, again, and my mother in law still dosen't believe it.

I needed to make another phone call so I stopped back by the house to look up the number on the way to Wal-Mart. I called the mental health center and asked them to give me a Rx to help me sleep. I'm tired and I just can't sleep. They had to call me back, they never did.

So then we all went to Wal-Mart to by food. I have to say by far it was the worst trip ever.

Tyson starting trying to get down from Jared's lap so wound up having to put him in the cart. With Tyson in the cart he kept pulling stuff off the shelf and putting it into he cart. When I turned around to get on to him and put the item back Jared would start grabbing things off the shelf that he wanted. Each time I stopped to get something, so did they, and we repeated the process of putting everything back. Eventually Tyson started trying to open stuff so I had to take him out of the cart. I let him push Jared's chair to keep him occupied. When I stopped to get something Ty would take off with Jared down the aisle and I would have to run and catch them. I wound up putting Ty in Jared's lap again only to have him throw a fit to get down. Jared got mad because Ty was being loud and then he went into his own fit of yelling and swearing.

At this point I was stuck. I wasn't really sure what to do so I put Ty on my shoulders and continues pushing Jared and pulling the cart, shopping along the way.

This worked fine until we got to the produce. Jared was reaching for fruit and Ty was yelling "nanna nanna nanna" and poking me in the eyes. He was trying to get down so he was just straddleing one shoulder and hanging on to my hair like a spider monkey.

The people in the store were staring at me, not sure if they should feel sorry for me or laugh as I take turns telling Jared not to eat the fruit and telling Ty to stop pokeing me in the eye.

Then Ty started putting his fingers in my mouth, I couldn't talk because he was pulling back on my cheeks.

Well, at this point I'm ready to fall out in the floor laughing or crying so I grabbed the last few thing we couldn't live without and went to checkout.

While I was putting all the food on the belt Jared took off in his wheelchair. I wound up having to hold onto Jared with one hand and unload the cart with the other.
The girl behind the register lost her composure and asked how old Ty was. I laughed and said 2 and she hurried things up.

I got the boys, the food, and the wheelchiar in the car and headed home. I unloaded the food, wheelchair, and the boys and went inside. Ty was screaming wanting food, Jared was yelling that he was hungry again so I had to stop and make another set of PB&Js for them.

I take a bite of each for my second meal of the day.

As I start to put up the food I realize Ty must have dumped out my seasonings on the floor while I was getting dressed. I couldn't stand the grit on my feet so I stopped and cleaned it up.

Before I finished putting everything up I stepped on a blob of jelly, again I had to stop and clean that. I still haven't finished putting up the canned foods or boxed food.

My mother in law called at some point to talk about the information I got from the phone calls today. I stepped outside to let Ty play in the yard so I could talk. When we hung up I walked in see what Jared was yelling back and set down my phone. I went back outside to get Ty out of the tree and when I went to go inside I was locked out.

I had moved the lock (like hotels have with the flippy thingy) up high because Ty had locked me out, and thankfully was smart enough to let me back in. I guess when I moved it up higher I didn't do something right so it wound up locking when I shut the door. I had no phone and I couldn't get it unlached because you have to close the door to do it. I gave up trying to figure it out and kicked the door open. It took a few hits because I wasn't wearing shoes.

I tried to relax on the couch for a bit after that but Jared kept calling Kesha over for no peticular reason. Tyson wouldn't stop climbing on me wanting to play. I was so fustrated at that point I was in tears.

It had been a hard day and it wasn't even close to over.

I set Jared up in the recliner thinking he would pass out if he watched TV for a while. I stuck Ty in bed and prayed that he would nap just for a little while. It was too late for a nap at 5:30 put I needed a break.

I went to my room and tried to cry. I couldn't so I settled for a nap.

I woke up around 7 in a panic, Ty was crying ready to get up. When I first wake up I panic because I'm not sure how long I've been asleep. I checked on Jared, all was good so I started thinking about dinner.
I decided to go the quick and easy route because the boys were starving again. I made pork chops, green beans, and mac 'n cheese. We ate and I put Ty back to bed at 9 so I could clean up and wash dishes.
I baked cookies and muffins while I washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I cleaned out the fridge before I put the food up so I had a lot of stuff to wash. Jared called Kesha repeatedly and told her he wanted cookies and candy.

Finally we were able to sit and eat warm cookies with milk. When we were finished I gave Jared a bath.
I guess he got mad because he was cold and bit me on the top of my head when I was trying to put him in bed. We talked about why he was mad and I let him calm down. Finally I got everyone to sleep so I could have a little me time.

Ugh, what a day. This is for those of you who wanted to know what a day at our house looks like. They aren't always this crazy but it happens often enough.

I swear if Janet Enovich wrote a book about Joe Morelli getting brain damage and Stephanie Plum was his caretaker she could get her insperation from us.

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